Nicollette Sheridan Amp David Spade Just Friends

Only after our spies saw Spade days and the Desperate Housewives star in a dinner Sushisamba in Las Vegas, the two dined together last night. Said a dinner companion, He Seemed To Be Walking Through The Restaurant Not Caring Who Saw Him And She Beelined For The Door With Head Down And Clearly Trying To Avoid Any Attention. This time, the non-lovebirds struck celebrity restaurant Koi in Los Angeles with some friends. He has broken with Michael [Bolton], and David is very funny. What is happening between Nicollette Sheridan and David Spade? While they ve been looking noted as being more than friends, a source now I will say no hanky-panky course. What gives? They re pals, says the source. He likes to have fun. He just have a good time.

14.1.09 12:06

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